Ahreum Faces Fraud Allegations After Breakup

Former T-ARA member Ahreum has recently separated from her boyfriend, amid plans to marry him following her divorce. The breakup surfaced alongside accusations involving both Ahreum and her ex-boyfriend.

They reportedly defrauded fans and acquaintances of 40 million won (USD 28,980.06), allegedly to support a gambling habit. However, these rumours have sparked considerable controversy.

Ahreum Refutes Gambling and Fraud Claims

Ahreum has responded to the fraud accusations by denying any wrongdoing. She clarified that the money issues stemmed from people assisting them, not from borrowing for gambling. Ahreum also highlighted that she has been a victim of hacking, which misrepresented her communications.

This claim is further complicated by a message allegedly showing her admitting to borrowing money for sports betting. She insists that this too was misconstrued and that her acquaintances have never witnessed her gambling.

Lawsuit Against Ex-Boyfriend Following Hacking Claims

Amid these challenges, Ahreum is taking steps to legally confront her ex-boyfriend, accusing him of coercing her into financial missteps. She has repaid the borrowed funds and is now focusing on clearing her name and retrieving her children.

Ahreum’s controversy deepens as hacking claims follow accusations against her ex. YouTuber Lee Jin Ho’s investigation bolsters her case, with media outlets like Dispatch keeping the spotlight on the ongoing drama.

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