Queen of Tears Episode 10 Recap and Review

Episode 10 of Netflix hit Queen of Tears opens with Soo-Cheol inadvertently discovering that Hyun-Woo is not just a corporate heavyweight but also a boxing pro at Baek Hyun-Tae’s gym.

This revelation surfaces as Hyun-Woo skillfully neutralizes a threat, handing the broker and his men to the police after a fierce fight.

Threats and Emotional Turmoil

In a dark twist, Eun-Seong manipulates Hae-In with threats to reveal her health condition to her parents. He uses this as leverage to force her to return. Meanwhile, a devastated Soo-Cheol confronts Eun-Seong. He pleads for news of Da-Hye, only to be coldly dismissed, leaving him in silent tears.

As Eun-Seong ensures Da-Hye remains isolated, he deceives her about Soo-Cheol’s feelings, sowing seeds of hatred and revenge.

Meanwhile, Hae-In anxiously awaits Hyun-Woo’s return. She tends to his bruises with care, a tender scene that contrasts sharply with the turmoil surrounding them.

Hidden Agendas

While Hyun-Woo and Soo-Cheol maintain a pretence about their injuries … Hyun-Woo nearly learns of Eun-Seong’s ominous presence from Soo-Cheol, but Hae-In swiftly intervenes, maintaining the secrecy as per her strategy. This leads to a sweet moment shared over ice-cream where Hyun-Woo reassures Hae-In of his feelings despite their past breakup.

Corporate Chess and Personal Sacrifices

Seul-Hee’s manoeuvres to locate the missing chairman involve a cunning deal with Grace, promising her a CEO position. Beom-Ja embarks on a journey to Seoul, spurred by cryptic advice from Young-Song to “Eat meat in times of struggle,” hinting at the tough choices ahead.

Back in Hyun-Woo’s village, his father grapples with being replaced as village head, signaling significant local shifts. At the boxing gym, a clue surfaces when Soo-Cheol discovers Da-Hye’s recent online activity, which rekindles his hope and determination.

The search for the chairman intensifies as Grace, cornered by Hyun-Woo, Kim Yang-Gi, and Beom-Ja over her tax evasions, agrees to aid them. Their hunt leads them to nearby hospitals, suspecting the chairman’s critical condition wouldn’t allow a distant transfer.

Small Victories and Emotional Bonds

At the local salon, Seon-Hwa faces half-hearted apologies from the neighbourhood ladies, leading to further social strife.

An act of kindness from Hyun-Woo’s mother resolves a crisis and leads Seon-Hwa to meaningful work that brings her peace.

Climactic Confrontations

The episode culminates at a press conference where Eun-Seong attempts to reinstate Hae-In publicly, but she seizes the moment to expose his manipulative threats, supported by a silent but profound exchange of looks with Hyun-Woo, affirming their united front.

A Drunken Confession

In a heartwarming twist, the episode’s epilogue reveals Hyun-Woo’s drunken antics leading to a confession of love outside Hae-In’s door, overheard by her, echoing their past playful promises to protect each other from romantic rivals.

Episode 10 of Queen of Tears masterfully intertwines personal battles with professional wars, each character navigating their turmoil while collectively facing impending crises that threaten to unravel the lives they’ve built.

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