Renjun from NCT on Hiatus Due to Health Concerns

NCTzens were met with a wave of disappointment after SM Entertainment announced Renjun would be taking a break from his activities due to worsening health. A recent hospital visit revealed concerning developments, and Renjun is also experiencing anxiety.

The statement read:


This is to notify you about Renjun’s promotions.

Renjun recently visited the hospital due to worsening health and anxiety symptoms, and we received medical opinion that he needs sufficient stability and rest.

The company decided to prioritize the artist’s health, and after careful discussions with Renjun, we decided that he will be focusing on treatment and recovery.

As such, he will not be participating in activities from today (April 20) onwards, starting from the scheduled fansign. We will notify you again when he is able to return to activities later.

We hope fans will understand that the upcoming concert THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM ()SCAPE on May 2 to 4 will be held with only 6 members, Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung.

We apologize for worrying fans. We will do our best so that Renjun can return to the fans healthy.

Also, we have been continually checking on and suing the hate, sexual harassment, spread of false information, humiliation and other slander directed at our artists. We plan on dealing with it legally without any settlement and will do our best to protect our artists’ rights.

Thank you. — SM Entertainment

While fans are understandably sad about his absence from the upcoming NCT DREAM concert, their primary concern is for Renjun’s well-being. They’re sending well wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery.