Blood Free Episode 4 Recap and Review

Episode 4 of Blood Free opens with Chae-Woon negotiating with a Vietnamese gang leader to track down Sin-Gu’s new identity. This sets the tone for the episode’s intricate cat-and-mouse activities.

At the US embassy’s year-end party, Ja-Yu encounters influential figures … Including Chairman Seonu who proposes a massive 32 trillion offer for her company’s cell culture technology.

Flashbacks and Confrontations

A flashback revisits the post-bombing period, revealing Chae-Woon’s visit to Mungyu. There, he has a tense encounter with Seonu Jae and Chairman Seonu.

The chairman’s hostility towards Chae-Woon suggests deep betrayal and manipulation, ultimately revealing that he is known to them as a spy.

Growing Distrust

In the present, Ja-Yu contemplates the chairman’s lucrative but suspicious offer. She discusses the potential sale with her colleague On San.

Meanwhile, Chae-Woon’s update on Sin-Gu’s identity prompts Ja-Yu to file an official report. Events also lead her to deepening trust issues as coincidences lead her to question Chae-Woon’s true alliances.

Sin-Gu’s Fate and Escalating Tension

The situation escalates when Seonu Jae learns of Sin-Gu’s travel plans, leading to his arrest and subsequent mysterious death on a flight to Paris. This event triggers a media frenzy, with Ja-Yu becoming the target of intense speculation and public condemnation, believed to be behind Sin-Gu’s untimely demise.

Unexpected Visitors

Amidst growing threats, Chae-Woon advises Ja-Yu to avoid her office. With hotels fully booked, he takes her to his parents’ house for safety. This close quarter’s refuge brings them closer, even as a sinister figure attempts to breach their sanctuary, only to retreat when Chae-Woon and Ja-Yu unexpectedly return.

While settling in, Ja-Yu bonds with Chae-Woon’s cat and appears nonchalant about the accusations against her. The tension between her and Chae-Woon oscillates as they discuss past tragedies and ongoing suspicions. Meanwhile, preparations for prolonged security measures are made as Hae-deun delivers firearms for protection, indicating the severity of the threats Ja-Yu faces.

Violent Escalations

The political landscape shifts as Seonu Jae updates his grandfather on Ja-Yu’s refusal of the offer, while both delve into deeper schemes. The episode reaches a climactic moment when Ja-Yu’s car is ambushed during an unexpected detour, leading to a fierce shootout and a desperate struggle for survival in the woods.

OPPA’s Thoughts

Episode 4 of Blood Free heightens the drama with a mix of personal danger and corporate espionage. As suspicions mount between Ja-Yu and Chae-Woon, their forced proximity unveils complex emotions and potential alliances.

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