MBC Face Backlash Over SEVENTEEN Building HYBE HQ Claim

MBC recently aired a statement on its show ‘Hangout With Yoo’ that credited K-pop group SEVENTEEN with a major role in building the HYBE headquarters. This claim was highlighted in the subtitles of a teaser video, which quickly caught the attention of viewers.

ARMYs Express Outrage Over Misleading Caption

MBC Edits Controversial Subtitle Following Backlash

The statement led to a swift backlash from ARMYs, the dedicated fan base of BTS, who argued that the caption distorted historical facts and diminished BTS’s significant contributions to HYBE’s success. Fans voiced their displeasure on social media, describing the caption as an “absolute distortion of history.”

MBC Edits Controversial Subtitle Following Backlash

Following the uproar, MBC took action by editing the controversial subtitle. The teaser for the upcoming episode … Featured a visit to the HYBE building by host Yoo Jae Suk and co-hosts. They were there to meet BSS, a subunit of SEVENTEEN. The network responded to the outcry by revising the text to avoid further controversy.

MBC’s quick response to editing the teaser reflects the growing influence of fan voices in shaping media content related to popular culture icons.

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