HYBE Faces Off Against ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-Jin

HYBE is reportedly in a power struggle with Min Hee-Jin, the creative force behind NEWJEANS and CEO of its subsidiary ADOR. HYBE has requested a shareholders’ meeting to address internal conflicts. This is seen as an effort to possibly remove Min Hee-Jin from her position.

The ADOR CEO seems prepared to resist these changes to the bitter end. The situation could lead to legal action if the ADOR board … Which includes directors who have worked with Min Hee-Jin since her time at SM Entertainment, refuses HYBE’s requests.

Serious Allegations Emerge Against ADOR’s Leadership

HYBE has launched an audit against Min Hee-Jin and her deputies at ADOR, investigating severe allegations like sensitive information leaks and attempts to undermine HYBE’s reputation. The audit examines claims of a secret plan by ADOR’s leadership to break away from HYBE, potentially involving external consultants and investors.

The allegations include damaging HYBE’s image and unauthorized disclosure of artist and personnel information. This reveals deep internal conflicts and strategic manoeuvres within one of K-pop’s major labels.

Power Struggle to Impact NEWJEANS’ Comeback?

Hallyubeat reported on March 28 that NEWJEANS is busy preparing for their comeback in May. The eagerly anticipated comeback will feature new music, a Japanese debut, and a World Tour.

ADOR under the guidance of Min Hee-Jin has been a cornerstone of the group’s meteoric rise to fame. It remains to be seen how the power struggle will affect NEWJEANS moving forward. The members have been vocal about how close they are to the ADOR CEO.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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