Park Eun-Bin Gets Superpowers in New Drama

Actress Park Eun-Bin, celebrated for her roles in Castaway Diva and Extraordinary Attorney Woo, will collaborate again with director Yoo In-Sik on an upcoming K-Drama titled The B Team. This new project signifies a notable reunion in the Korean drama industry.

Exploring Stan Lee’s Superpower Concept in The B Team

The B Team centres on individuals with superpowers who cannot control them at will. This unique concept originated from the legendary comic writer Stan Lee’s intellectual property. Although Stan Lee passed away in 2018, his influence continues to resonate within the comic and entertainment communities. Initially pitched six years ago, the series aims to introduce a new take on the birth of Asian superheroes.

Park Eun-Bin as Eun Chae-Ni in Upcoming Series

Eun-Bin will portray Eun Chae-Ni, the intelligent and diligent granddaughter of the Big Hand Restaurant’s owner. Her character is described as polite and hardworking with personal dreams that grow as she matures into a more stubborn and relentless individual. This leads her into precarious situations.

Director Yoo In-Sik, is known for his work on Romantic Doctor Kim, Vagabond, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo, this series promises to blend intense drama with captivating superhero elements.