Queen of Tears Episode 12 Recap and Review

Episode 12 of Queen of Tears kicks off with Hae-In and Hyun-Woo analyzing CCTV footage at the warehouse. They uncover the critical clue that the truck seen on camera was involved in moving the slush fund to the Hong residence. This discovery links back to the day they were advised to change the ventilators. This points directly to the involvement of the chairman.

A Mistaken Identity Leads to Peril

As rain begins to fall, Hyun-Woo steps out to retrieve the car. This act sets the stage for a tense sequence of events. Hae-In, left alone, encounters Eun-Seong but mistakes him for Hyun-Woo. Eun-Seong plays along with the misunderstanding. This leads to a dangerous car chase when Hyun-Woo returns and witnesses Hae-In getting into Eun-Seong’s car.

Double Deception and a Dire Situation

While an attack leaves Hyun-Woo unconscious, Hae-In and Eun-Seong arrive at the Hong household. There, Eun-Seong attempts to romantically engage Hae-In, who is more concerned with meeting her ailing grandfather. Meanwhile, Hyun-Woo faces a life-threatening moment as the broker, deceived by Eun-Seong, prepares to eliminate him.

Unraveling Family Secrets

Back at the Hong residence … Hae-In discovers her grandfather in poor health but manages to leave a secret recording pen in the room. She was hoping to capture crucial evidence with the spy pen. Elsewhere, Da-Hye faces her own crisis as the Queens’ finance director, revealed to be Gun-Woo’s biological father, implicates her and Soo-Cheol in his crimes.

The episode intensifies as Hyun-Woo negotiates for his life, convincing the broker that sparing him is more beneficial than killing him. His logic saves him from a fatal outcome, allowing him and Hae-In to reunite and retreat to the safety of his apartment for a brief respite from the chaos.

Reunions and Revelations

As Hyun-Woo and Hae-In enjoy a moment of normalcy, Soo-Cheol trains to be a boxer, learning about the unconventional family dynamics of his coach. Concurrently, Da-Hye takes drastic measures against Gun-Woo’s father, reclaiming her autonomy and escaping with crucial assets.

Strategic Alliances

The episode closes on a suspenseful note as Hyun-Woo, with newly acquired original floor plans, deduces a hidden doorway in the chairman’s elevator that might lead to the elusive panic room. This discovery comes just as the chairman, regaining brief clarity, leaves a mysterious recording, hinting at a dramatic resolution to come.

A Childhood Connection Revealed

In a tender epilogue, the childhood connection between Hae-In and Hyun-Woo is finally clarified, revealing that Hyun-Woo, not Eun-Seong, was the true hero of Hae-In’s past, having saved her from drowning as a child.

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