HYBE Audit Reveals Min Hee-Jin Takeover Attempt

HYBE has disclosed the results of their internal audit regarding Min Hee-Jin. They have confirmed allegations that Min had attempted to take over the management rights of ADOR.

HYBE shared their findings with various media outlets including Osen. The audit revealed that Min Hee-Jin had developed a detailed plan to acquire HYBE’s stake in ADOR.

The findings found that Min planned on securing funding from outside investors and instructing her management team to devise strategies that would pressure HYBE into relinquishing its ownership.

HYBE’s Commitment to NEWJEANS’ Wellbeing

NewJeans Captivates at 2023 Billboard Music Awards

In light of the disruptive findings … HYBE has strongly committed to ensuring the psychological and emotional wellbeing of NEWJEANS members as they prepare for their May comeback.

The company is taking steps to engage with legal representatives of the members to discuss protective measures and ensure a smooth and successful return to the music scene.

HYBE to File Complaint Following Audit Results

Following the audit, HYBE plans to take legal action against those involved in the takeover attempt on April 25, citing breach of trust.

The audit report highlighted conversations and documents that included strategies detrimental to HYBE’s interests. The ADOR audit plans to terminate NEWJEANS’ contract prematurely and seek external funding to challenge HYBE’s control.

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