KEP1ER to disband in July 2024 after contract extension talks fail

KEP1ER’s journey will come to an end this July, as their contracts are set to expire without extensions. The news comes after months of speculation surrounding the group’s future, following their formation through the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999 in 2021.

Initially signed for a two-and-a-half-year contract, KEP1ER debuted in January 2022 with the mini-album First Impact. The nine-member group quickly captured hearts with their vibrant energy and catchy music. Hits like WA DA DA and MVSK solidified their position as a rising force in the K-Pop scene.

According to reports, discussions about extending the group’s contract began in late 2023. However, negotiations between Wake One Entertainment, the group’s managing agency, and the members’ respective agencies ultimately proved unsuccessful. This leaves fans heartbroken but with cherished memories of KEP1ER’s short but impactful run.

KEP1ER recently celebrated their 2-year anniversary. –

What’s next for KEP1ER group members?

While details about the members’ future endeavors remain unclear, the disbandment paves the way for them to explore individual careers. There are rumors that Xiaoting will return to China, while Mashiro’s future agency is up in the air. Yujin, Chaehyun, and the other Korean members might pursue solo careers or join new groups under their respective agencies.

As a group, KEP1ER recently wrapped up their Fly High Japan Concert Tour. Reports say that KEP1ER will be bidding their fans farewell with a planned Korean album, as well as a solo concert tour. They are also set to release a Japanese single titled Straight Line.

KEP1ER at a recent cafe event in Seoul. –

KEP1ER’s soaring success: Their Biggest Hits

KEP1ER may be disbanding in July 2024, but their music will undoubtedly continue to energize fans. Here are some of our favorite KEP1ER hit tracks that solidified their position as a rising K-Pop force:

  • WA DA DA (2022): This debut single needs no introduction. Its addictive chorus, powerful dance moves, and fierce concept made WA DA DA an instant hit, propelling them to stardom.
  • MVSK (2022): Their second mini-album title track delivered a different vibe. MVSK showcased KEP1ER’s cool and charismatic side with a sleek dance track and a touch of rebellion.
  • We Fresh (2022): This summery tune from their first mini-album highlighted KEP1ER’s refreshing and youthful energy. We Fresh is the perfect song to blast on a hot day with its catchy melody and feel-good vibes.
  • Up! (2023): A bright and optimistic anthem, Up! served as the title track for their second mini-album DOUBLAST. This empowering song encouraged listeners to stay positive and chase their dreams.
  • Wing Wing (2023): Another track from DOUBLAST, Wing Wing showcased KEP1ER’s versatility with its dreamy soundscape and ethereal vocals. It’s a beautiful song that allows the members’ individual vocal talents to shine.

This is just a taste of KEP1ER’s impressive discography. They’ve released many captivating songs during their short time together. While their journey as a group may be nearing its end, their music will continue to inspire and entertain fans for years to come.

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