NEWJEANS future at stake in HYBE vs ADOR rift

The K-Pop world is buzzing with speculation about the future of NEWJEANS, following the recent conflict between ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin and HYBE. ADOR is the sub-label specifically established for NEWJEANS under Min’s leadership. Min has been instrumental in coming up with NEWJEANS’ album concepts, and also serves as their art director.

The situation first came to light on April 22, when HYBE announced it would be conducting an audit of ADOR. They accused Min of attempting to take over management rights of the company, and demanded her resignation.

Min Hee-Jin has vigorously denied all allegations of a takeover. She also accused fellow HYBE subsidiary BE:LIFT LAB of copying NEWJEANS’ concepts for their own girl group.

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This friction has thrown a shadow over NEWJEANS’ future, as Min Hee-Jin has been a key figure in their rise to fame. Currently, NEWJEANS have stayed silent on the situation, with members focused on their group and individual activities.

What could happen to NEWJEANS?

So, what happens to NEWJEANS if the conflict between Min Hee-Jin and HYBE develops further? It’s a complex scenario with several possibilities.

Change in Leadership: Should Min Hee-Jin step down from ADOR, it could lead to a significant shift in the group’s identity. While HYBE might retain the label, a new management team would handle NEWJEANS, potentially altering their established artistic direction.

Leaving ADOR and HYBE: This is the least likely scenario, but by no means an impossible one. Should Min leave ADOR, NEWJEANS may choose to follow her. However, this will certainly spark a legal battle to suspend their exclusive contracts with the label, resulting in a huge mess for everyone involved.

Staying Put: An ideal scenario would be a reconciliation between HYBE and ADOR. This would allow NEWJEANS to continue thriving under Min Hee-Jin’s vision, while also benefiting from HYBE’s vast resources and global reach.

Beyond the legal and management aspects, there is also the impact on the group itself. In their relatively short career, NEWJEANS have cultivated a strong bond and a large fanbase. Any potential split could negatively affect their career trajectory and cause a rift within the industry.

With fans anxiously waiting for a resolution, one thing is clear: NEWJEANS’ future hinges on how this conflict unfolds.

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