NEWJEANS and BTS’ RM to drop new releases on May 24

K-pop fans are in a frenzy as HYBE Labels has announced a scheduling decision that has some scratching their heads, and others raising concerns. BTS member RM’s highly anticipated second solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person, is set to drop on May 24, 2024, coinciding exactly with NEWJEANS’ next comeback single How Sweet.

The news comes as a surprise, considering the usual staggered release strategies employed by large agencies like HYBE. ARMYs expressed excitement for RM’s solo return, but many voiced confusion over the scheduling choice.

Adding fuel to the fire, NEWJEANS’ upcoming comeback has generated significant buzz, leaving some fans worried their success might be overshadowed by RM’s release.

NEWJEANS and RM promote upcoming releases

NEWJEANS also raised the stakes by releasing teaser photos for How Sweet. Fans praised their casual chic concept, with many buzzing over the updated hairstyles for Danielle and Hanni.


Fans will be able to get an early taste of How Sweet on April 27. NEWJEANS will pre-release the MV for Bubble Gum, a B-side track for How Sweet.

Meanwhile, RM has also updated his Instagram in anticipation of his upcoming album release. The artist, who is currently undergoing military service, shared a smiling selfie and shared a song recommendation in his Instagram Story.


Sign of confidence by HYBE?

Not everyone is critical about the same-day release. Some fans see this as a positive sign, highlighting HYBE’s confidence in both artists.

Meanwhile, HYBE remains silent on the matter. Whether this is a strategic move to maximize overall attention or an oversight on their part remains unclear.

The situation raises questions about how agencies handle simultaneous releases by artists under their umbrella. Some argue it could lead to a “cannibalization” of sales and streams. However, others believe it might expose both acts to wider audiences.

Only time will tell who emerges victorious. One thing’s for sure – fans of both artists are eagerly waiting to see how this unique scenario plays out.

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