Queen of Tears Episode 13 Recap and Review

Episode 13 of Netflix’s Queen of Tears begins with a flashback to when the chairman first brought his family to their new home and documented the secret passage to the panic room.

In the present, the Hong family, carrying the chairman’s picture, tour the house one last time. They enter the panic room only to find it empty, with stencilled dust marks suggesting that Seul-Hee has relocated all the money.

Confrontations and Confessions

The Hongs confront Seul-Hee in the living room, demanding she leave the house. However, she reveals she is still a legal resident and can only be evicted by court order. Meanwhile, Hae-In retrieves the secret pen and listens to the chairman’s heartfelt recording. He expresses gratitude for one last chance to address his family, acknowledging his fleeting memory and urging them to lead fulfilling lives.

Future Plans

The family attends the chairman’s funeral, where Hae-In shares her fears of death with Hyun-Woo, her desire to live mirroring the chairman’s regrets. Meanwhile, Seul-Hee, having discovered the panic room’s location through old video recordings, moves the money into a vault and entrusts it to Eun-Seong to secure complete ownership of the Queens group.

In Yongdu-ri, a discussion between Baek Du-Gwan and Baek Hyun-Tae reveals that once the Hongs recover their stocks, they will be nearly equal to Eun-Seong, with only a 3.4% share difference. This news sets the stage for a critical power struggle within the Queens group.

Difficult Decisions

As the Hongs and Baeks share a final drink before parting ways, Hyun-Woo receives a call from a German lab offering a promising treatment for Hae-In. The catch is that the surgery would erase all her memories. Deciding to keep this a secret, they plan to tell Hae-In only once they are in Germany to avoid her refusal.

The news of the potential cure overjoys the family, and Hae-In, overwhelmed with relief, feels as though she’s waking from a nightmare. The next day, she and Hyun-Woo enjoy a carefree day out, during which Hae-In begins to share three secrets with him, starting with the true ownership of the ‘H’ mp3 player.

Manipulations and Moving Forward

At the Hong residence, Seul-Hee manipulates Grace with a conditional cheque book, ensuring her loyalty. At the same time, Da-Hye decides to stay with Soo-Cheol, declaring her enduring love despite Seon-Hwa’s objections. This decision marks significant character development and a resolve to face the future together.

As the family prepares to leave for Germany, they savour their last days together, capturing memories and solidifying their bonds. Hae-In and Hyun-Woo, mistaken for newlyweds, embrace this new beginning. Meanwhile, Eun-Seong plots to win Hae-In’s affection post-surgery, unaware of the community’s support for her.

Emotional Goodbyes

The episode culminates as Hyun-Woo and Hae-In head to the hospital in Germany, where Hyun-Woo finally reveals the truth about the surgery. The epilogue features Hyun-Woo recording a heartfelt video for Hae-In, vowing to stay by her side regardless of her memory loss, showcasing his profound love and commitment.

Oppa’s Thoughts

This episode really tugs at the heartstrings with its mix of goodbyes and hopeful new beginnings. As Queen of Tears nears its finale, it wraps up loose ends and sets the stage for a heartwarming conclusion, reflecting on the deep emotional journeys of its characters.

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