Blood Free Episode 6 Recap and Review

Blood Free Episode 6 begins with everyone eager to know how Chae-Woon is faring after his treatment in the lab’s basement. Ho-Seung and Ja-Yu’s assistant, Jeong Hae-Dun, are particularly anxious, each with their own reasons.

While Ho-Seung seems concerned about office secrets, Ja-Yu celebrates Chae-Woon as the first success of their experimental treatment.

Delicate Discussions and Hidden Agendas

Ja-Yu has a cautious conversation with Hong about Kim Sin-Gu, who once tried to kill her. She suspects that Kim’s actions may have been driven by revenge for his wife’s death, which occurred under Ja-Yu’s care. Meanwhile, Hae-Dun’s cryptic questioning reveals her sly interest in the basement’s secretive activities.

Testing Limits and Breaking Boundaries

The episode also introduces us to new bulletproof suits for the bodyguards that are not only bulletproof but also heat-resistant. Initially, it seems Chae-Woon won’t return to work for Ja-Yu, but he appears to try on the suit, leading to a confrontation with Ho-Seung over an address linked to Kim’s group meetings. This escalates into a physical fight, humorously highlighting their tensions.

Political Maneuvers and Personal Conflicts

Ja-Yu meets with the Prime Minister, who probes her reaction to recent events, suspecting her of cold-heartedness despite her promotional efforts. The complexities of their conversation suggest that the Prime Minister might be seeking Ja-Yu’s help for a personal ailment.

Confrontations and Confessions

Chae-Woon’s visit to the ex-president leads to suspicions that the terrorist attack was aimed at Ja-Yu, not the president, intending to bring down BF. This revelation shifts Chae-Woon’s focus towards protecting Ja-Yu and uncovering the real motives behind the attack.

Later, Chae-Woon confronts Ja-Yu about the origins of BF. Ja-Yu shares the heartbreaking story of her sister’s death from mad cow disease, which inspired her pursuit of cultured organs. This deep personal loss shaped her mission to transcend human dependence on animals and plants.

A Shocking Death

The episode climaxes with Ho-Seung and Chae-Woon tracking down a scar-faced man linked to Kim’s death, leading to a dramatic chase. The pursuit ends tragically as Ho-Seung is critically injured, and Chae-Woon, despite his best efforts, arrives too late to save him. The episode closes with Chae-Woon being arrested as he mourns beside Ho-Seung’s body.

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