Fans question Instagram posts by ILLIT creative director

The drama surrounding the alleged plagiarism between NEWJEANS and new girl group ILLIT has taken a fiery turn with recent social media activity from ILLIT’s creative director, Heo Se-Ryun.

Heo Se-Ryun first sparked speculation on Instagram on April 25 after posting a photo featuring a raised middle finger. A screenshot of the post immediately went viral online.

Instagram post by Heo Se-Ryun
Heo Se-Ryun’s first Instagram post.

While the caption remained blank, the timing, coinciding with the ongoing plagiarism debate between ILLIT and NEWJEANS’ label ADOR, fueled a frenzy among fans.

Many interpreted the post as a direct jab at Min Hee-Jin, CEO of ADOR and the creative mastermind behind NEWJEANS. Fans on social media platforms went into overdrive, with comments like “Is this shade towards ADOR?” dominating discussions.

New post reminds fans of NEWJEANS MV

More recently, Heo Se-Ryun shared another photo on her Instagram that fans believe is taking aim at NEWJEANS.


On April 26, NEWJEANS dropped the MV for Bubble Gum, their B-side single off their upcoming comeback How Sweet. Heo then shared the poster for the 2015 Japanese film Our Little Sister.

Fans immediately noted the aesthetic similarities between NEWJEANS’ Bubble Gum MV and the poster. The MV features NEWJEANS members wearing school uniforms, while the poster also features a girl in a school uniform.

Instagram post by Heo Se-Ryun
The movie poster shared by Heo Se-Ryun.

This latest post only added fuel to the fire of the ongoing controversy. Fans believe it is also in poor taste, considering the recent plagiarism accusations.

ADOR, on the other hand, has maintained radio silence throughout this online saga.

Where to go from here?

The situation highlights the passionate nature of K-Pop fandoms. While fans have the right to defend their favorite groups, such public displays of negativity can escalate tensions. With both sides holding firm, it remains unclear how this controversy will unfold.

One thing’s for sure: all eyes are on how ADOR or Min Hee-Jin will respond to Heo Se-Ryun’s latest post. Will they choose to remain silent, or will they issue a formal statement addressing the allegations once again?

Only time will tell how this social media feud will impact the overall narrative surrounding NEWJEANS’ concept and the legacy of ILLIT.

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