Han So-Hee praised for mature response to online hater

Han So-Hee is making headlines for her bold approach to online bullying. On April 26, the Gyeongseong Creature star took to her Instagram story to share a powerful message against negativity.

Han So-Hee surprised fans by posting screenshots of a direct message exchange with an anonymous hater. The messages revealed several malicious comments the user had left on the actress’s social media, questioning her upbringing and how she was able to afford her studies.

The user posted: “You were able to transfer to an art school and major in art, which costs a lot of money, that’s impressive. You were raised by your grandmother, right?” They also threatened to ‘expose’ the actress if she tried to block them, saying: “I’m going to capture it and post it on YouTube and (Nate) Pann.”

Han So-Hee delivers brave response

Instead of ignoring the negativity, Han So-Hee chose to confront the issue head-on. In a calm and measured tone, she directly messaged the hater, sending screenshots of their comments and questioning the motivation behind them.

Han So-Hee wrote: “Why are you doing this? If I caused a lot of harm to your life, I apologize. But I just want to talk from person to person. Do you know you’re also being criticized because of those posts?”

“We’re both hurting ourselves like this,” she added. “Stop it.” The actress further encouraged the user to find something positive in life and expressed the hope that they could both move forward from negativity.

Han So-Hee later shared that the user reached out to her to reconcile. The two then exchanged encouraging messages, with the user promising to cheer her on.

Fans touched by the exchange

The unexpected act of kindness from Han So-Hee resonated deeply with fans. Social media platforms have been buzzing with praise for her courage and maturity in handling the situation. Many lauded her for using her platform to address a serious issue plaguing online communities.

The actress’s actions have sparked a conversation about online etiquette and the importance of mental health in the digital age.

Han So-Hee’s message serves as a reminder that kindness can be a powerful weapon against negativity. Perhaps, her experience will inspire others to choose empathy and understanding over online hostility.

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