K-Pop News 270424: NEWJEANS, Sakura, Seo Ye-Ji and more

Catch up on the latest K-Pop news for April 27, 2024. Let’s dive in and find out what’s making the news!

NEWJEANS Releases Music Video for Bubble Gum

NEWJEANS has unveiled the official music video for Bubble Gum. Released at midnight KST on April 27, the video features a preppy funky concept, highlighting the group’s unique style.

Bubble Gum is one of the double singles marking their latest comeback. The song initially gained attention through NEWJEANS’ endorsement campaign with the Japanese shampoo brand Essentials, stirring anticipation among fans for the full release.

HYBE Labels is set to file a criminal complaint against Min Hee-Jin, CEO of ADOR, over allegations of a hostile takeover attempt. HYBE’s interim audit findings revealed plans orchestrated by CEO Min to seize control of ADOR, involving strategies to undermine HYBE and discussions about attracting global funds for an acquisition.

The audit also uncovered evidence suggesting CEO Min encouraged the management team to pressure HYBE into selling its ADOR shares. HYBE is preparing to prosecute those involved for embezzlement among other charges, reaffirming their commitment to the welfare of their artists, including NEWJEANS, amidst this corporate conflict.

Actress Seo Ye-Ji Joins Instagram

Actress Seo Ye-Ji has opened her own Instagram account, making a public return after two years away from the spotlight. She marked her return by sharing photos from a recent outing, showcasing a cheerful demeanour.

This move comes after Seo Ye-Ji faced various personal controversies in 2021. Since parting ways with her agency, Gold Medalist, in November 2023, she has been managing her career independently, engaging with fans directly through social media.

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Misses Scheduled Appearances Due to Health Issues

LE SSERAFIM member Sakura is unable to attend her scheduled activities today due to poor health. Source Music announced that Sakura will miss the serial number bonus fan sign event planned for April 27. The event will proceed with the remaining four members, and fans with exclusive opportunities to meet Sakura will be offered rescheduled dates.

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