Queen of Tears Episode 15 Recap and Review

Episode 15 of Queen of Tears opens with Eun-Seong fabricating a dark narrative to Hae-In about Hyun-Woo being a murderer and stalker. He also claims Hyun-Woo burned her diary to erase evidence of his stalking. He paints a picture of Hyun-Woo as a man driven by greed, suggesting that Hyun-Woo’s actions once drove Hae-In to attempt suicide.

Manipulation and Control

As the pair returns to Korea, Hae-In’s family eagerly awaits her, but she remains distant, influenced by Eun-Seong’s selective truths about her family’s legal and personal betrayals. Completely under Eun-Seong’s control, Hae-In agrees to marry him, believing it was her decision before losing her memories.

Secrets and Discoveries

At home, Eun-Seong leverages a recording of his mother drugging the chairman to ensure her compliance. Meanwhile, Hae-In’s curiosity about Hyun-Woo grows when she finds an mp3 player with a shared taste in music in his room. This discovery leads her to visit Hyun-Woo in prison, where, despite his efforts, she remains unconvinced of his innocence.

Tracking and Resistance

Back at home, Eun-Seong, frantic over Hae-In’s visit to Hyun-Woo, installs a tracking device in her car. Despite her memory loss, Hae-In’s strong-willed nature surfaces as she reprimands Eun-Seong for his overbearing actions.

Old Connections and New Beginnings

Hae-In decides to bring her former secretary, Ms Na, closer, seeking familiarity in her altered world. Meanwhile, Hyun-Woo is acquitted at his trial when new CCTV footage reveals the real murderer, allowing him to return to his family and a warm welcome in Yongdu-Ri.

Celebrations and Confessions

Beom-Ja, now completely smitten with Young Song, orchestrates a win for him at Hyun-Woo’s release celebration, but her plan backfires when he donates his prize, showcasing his minimalist values. Amidst the festivities, Beom-Ja’s confession to Young Song is accidentally broadcast, providing unintended entertainment for the guests.

Corporate Turmoil

At a high-level executive meeting, Eun-Seong learns of Hyun-Woo’s reinstatement and faces a potential ousting at an upcoming shareholder meeting. In a bid to secure his position, he uses the slush fund money to buy shares, attempting to solidify his control over the Queens group.

News of Eun-Seong’s actions reaches Hyun-Woo, who has gathered evidence of Eun-Seong’s investment fraud. Meanwhile, Da-hye’s confrontation with her past leads to a dramatic escape from danger, orchestrated by Soo-Cheol using skills he learned from Hyun-Tae.

A Clash of Realities

As Hae-In and Hyun-Woo’s paths cross again, she finds herself confused by conflicting emotions and narratives. Her discovery of a barely burnt notebook, which miraculously survived Eun-Seong’s attempt to destroy it, brings back flashes of her past with Hyun-Woo.

Tragic Confrontation

This episode of Queen of Tears concludes dramatically as Hae-In, armed with new knowledge and on her way to meet Hyun-Woo, vanishes just before he is struck by a car in a hit-and-run, suspected to be orchestrated by a vengeful Eun-Seong.

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