Legal Hurdles for HYBE in Criminal Case Against ADOR CEO Min

HYBE has intensified its conflict with ADOR by formally accusing CEO Min Hee-Jin of embezzlement. On April 26, HYBE filed a complaint in Seoul against Min and another executive from ADOR.

The police are reviewing the complaint and will soon begin a formal investigation. HYBE claims that under Min’s leadership, ADOR sought financial investors to sell ADOR and acquire shares independently eventually. HYBE believes journal logs support their claims of Min’s intentions to seize control.

Experts Doubt Viability of Embezzlement Charges

Despite HYBE’s allegations, legal experts express scepticism about the likelihood of successfully prosecuting Min for embezzlement. They argue that criminal law requires more than just preparatory actions to establish embezzlement, which needs the execution of the act.

A legal expert noted that proving embezzlement is challenging without substantial evidence of executed actions or tangible harm.

Some legal analysts suggest that HYBE’s actions may stem more from a desire to control internal dynamics at ADOR … Rather than address criminal misconduct. They speculate that by filing the complaint at a local level, HYBE aims to tighten control over Min’s minority shareholder rights.

Further complications may arise if additional evidence, such as contract leaks, emerges during the investigation. This could lead to debates on violations of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, as legal experts pointed out.

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