Did BLACKPINK’s Jennie copy designs for her eyewear collab?

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has been accused of plagiarizing designs from a Chinese brand for her JENTLE SALON eyewear collection. Fans were stunned when they first heard these claims made about the beloved K-pop idol. However, things may not be what they seem.


JENTLE SALON is Jennie’s latest collection of fashionable designs created in collaboration with renowned South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster. The collection draws inspiration from Jennie’s childhood memories and love for fantasy.

In particular, the collection features a series of 11 charms that can be swapped out to create a new look each day. These charms range from adorable capybara figures, fluffy bows, crystal hearts, and even pearl drops. The collection was officially launched on May 1.

Gentle Monster's Instagram post promoting JENTLE SALON.
Gentle Monster’s Instagram post promoting JENTLE SALON.

Accused of copying designs by YVMIN

However, days before the launch of JENTLE SALON, rumors went viral on social media accusing JENTLE SALON of copying designs by China-based jewelry brand YVMIN. The brand was first established in 2013, and is known for creating unique body decoration pieces that include accessories, jewelry and eyewear. YVMIN also recently launched a collaboration with UGGS for a range of boots.

One user noted how Jennie’s JENTLE SALON eyewear collection looked similar to some of YVMIN’s previous eyewear designs. In particular, they pointed out how both YVMIN and JENTLE SALON had a pair of cat-eye sunglasses embellished with a bow design.

JENTLE SALON's sunglasses (left) and YVMIN's Gemstone Bow Glasses.
JENTLE SALON’s sunglasses (left) and YVMIN’s Gemstone Bow Glasses.

They also stated that JENTLE SALON’s capybara was decorated with a jewel, similar to YVMIN’s signature teddy bear design.

JENTLE SALON's capybara charm (left) and YVMIN's bejeweled teddy bears.
JENTLE SALON’s capybara charm (left) and YVMIN’s bejeweled teddy bears.

They claimed that even YVMIN had noticed the similarities and had called out the plagiarism. As proof, they shared a screenshot of an Instagram Story post that appeared to come from YVMIN’s official account.

Doubts begin to surface

However, many fans have come to Jennie’s defense, pointing out issues with the accusations. They stated that the concept of accessorizing eyewear with jewelry is not new, as many other brands have a similar concept. In addition, they pointed out the uniqueness of JENTLE MONSTER’s designs. The jewel held by the capybara is shaped like a cloud, and both capybaras and clouds have a personal meaning for Jennie.

In addition, the noticed that YVMIN’s Instagram account follows a number of K-pop groups and idols, including BLACKPINK and Jennie. It seems unlikely they would continue to follow Jennie if there was really any animosity between them.

They also accused the original user of fabricating the Instagram Story from YVMIN pointing out the similarities. The user reiterates their claim, sharing what they said was their original screenshot of YVMIN’s Instagram story. 

A screenshot of the alleged post by YVMIN.
A screenshot of the alleged post by YVMIN.

However, as the brand has yet to make an official statement, it seems highly unlikely to be the case.

Our opinion

Accusations of plagiarism should be taken seriously, especially if they concern a major brand copying designs by a smaller brand. However, aside from similar concepts, both YVMIN and JENTLE SALON’s designs appear unique from each other. In addition, the fact that the rumors began on social media, and not due to a complaint from the brand itself, makes it less credible.

The situation serves as a reminder to consume online information with a critical eye. Let’s not rush to judgement when faced with unverified claims, especially those targeting celebrities.

Until official statements come from Jennie or the respective brands, it’s impossible to determine the truth behind these accusations. Both Jennie and aspiring designers deserve fair treatment and a platform to showcase their work without facing unwarranted negativity.

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