ADOR releases statement refuting HYBE’s accusations

The simmering feud between HYBE and its former subsidiary ADOR has erupted into a full-blown public battle. ADOR, the label responsible for the hugely successful debut of girl group NEWJEANS, has released a comprehensive statement directly refuting accusations made by HYBE.

Previously, HYBE leveled a series of serious charges against ADOR, including accusations that CEO Min Hee-Jin attempted to “usurp” the management of NEWJEANS and wrest control of ADOR itself. ADOR’s official statement methodically dismantles each accusation, characterizing them as “entirely unfounded.”

They assert that the materials presented by HYBE as evidence are a product of “misconstrued internal discussions” and fueled by the ongoing conflict between the two companies.

ADOR emphasizes their initial decision to remain silent stemmed from a desire to prioritize the well-being of NEWJEANS and prevent any disruption to the group’s activities. However, with the unconfirmed accusations gaining traction in the media and causing significant public confusion, ADOR felt compelled to take a stand and clarify the situation.

Key points of ADOR’s statement

Here’s a breakdown of ADOR’s key points in response to HYBE’s accusations:

Management rights of NEWJEANS

HYBE’s claim of ADOR attempting to seize management control of NEWJEANS is vehemently denied. ADOR clarifies that the content presented by HYBE as proof is a result of misinterpreting internal discussions. They maintain that there was never any intention to wrest control of the group.

Min Hee-Jin not motivated by financial reasons

ADOR took issue with HYBE releasing details of Min Hee-Jin’s salary, incentive package and stock options. They claimed that this incorrectly painted Min as someone “acting out of financial greed”. In addition, they revealed that Min was bound by a non-competition clause in her contract, unless she can obtain HYBE’s permission to dispose all her shares in the company. Thus, it is HYBE who is actually in control financially.

Confiscation of laptops and equipment

ADOR also revealed that the vice presidents’ laptops were confiscated without any opportunity to download work data, and the entire confiscation process was unreasonable.

HYBE’s broken promise regarding NEWJEANS’ debut

ADOR contests HYBE’s narrative that NEWJEANS was not launched as HYBE’s first girl group due to a breach of agreement by ADOR. They maintain that HYBE initially marketed NEWJEANS as the “Min Hee-Jin girl group”, before reneging and launching LE SSERAFIM instead. They claimed this was to ‘bait’ people into thinking LE SSERAFIM was the group under Min instead.

Impact of conflict between HYBE and ADOR

ADOR implied that HYBE’s decision to conduct the audit and attack Min Hee-Jin has affected “NEWJEANS’ brand value”. They pointed out this is part of HYBE’s history of “poor decision-making skills”. They also attributed NEWJEANS’ success to the efforts of ADOR employees, contrary to any contribution by HYBE.

Where to go from here?

    The music industry is keenly watching this escalating conflict. ADOR’s public rebuttal signifies a significant shift in the ongoing tension between the two companies. While HYBE has yet to respond to ADOR’s statement, the question remains: will they counter these claims, or does this mark the end of the public accusations?

    One thing is certain: the fallout from this battle casts a shadow of uncertainty over the future of NEWJEANS. Despite their remarkable run of success, the public dispute between HYBE and ADOR could potentially impact the group’s activities and development.

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