Blood Free Episode 7 Recap and Review

The episode begins with the aftermath of bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon’s arrest and Kim Ho-Seung’s tragic murder. Ja-Yu tasks Jeong Hae-Dun with offering condolences to Ho-Seung’s family. Meanwhile, Hae-Dun, secretly spying for CEO Seonu-Geun, informs him about the suspect’s escape, Park Sang-Min. This triggers her fears about being exposed as the traitor within BF Group.

Escapes and Experiments

Sang-Min destroys his car in an explosion to cover his tracks, successfully evading Seonu-Geun’s men by changing his appearance.

Back at the police station, Prime Minister Seonu-Jae reviews footage showing Chae-Woon’s superhuman abilities during his skirmish with the police. This leads him to believe Ja-Yu’s experimental success.

Clearing Charges and Seeking Answers

Ja-Yu visits Chae-Woon at the station and informs him that she has secured his release from the murder charges. Chae-Woon declares he is continuing his pursuit of the real culprit.

In a strategic move, Ja-Yu uses special glasses allowing On San to identify Sang-Min’s face remotely. Initially, he suspects Seo Hui due to his emotional breakdown over the failed sensor suits … They later clear him when they learn of Sang-Min’s recent destructive actions.

Release and Confrontations

After his release, Chae-Woon is covertly taken to Prime Minister Seonu-Jae, where he probes about Chae-Woon’s enhanced strength. Chae-Woon, suspecting Seonu-Jae’s involvement in a past terror attack, confronts him. This leads to a physical altercation that leaves the Prime Minister injured.

Spy Games and Deeper Plots

As Chae-Woon waits outside … Ja-Yu has a revealing conversation with Seonu-Jae, who expresses a desire to become superhuman through Ja-Yu’s experiments. Meanwhile, On San sets a trap for Hae-Dun by feeding her false information. This ultimately leads to her capture when she attempts to communicate it to Woo-Geun.

Truths Unveiled

Chae-Woon interrogates Hae-Dun about her motives and connections, uncovering a web of intrigue linking her actions to Woo-Geun’s plans. Hae-Dun’s role in positioning Chae-Woon as Ja-Yu’s bodyguard, as per Seonu-Geun’s strategy, is exposed. This adds additional problems to the existing plots against BF and YA-Yu.

The episode concludes with Ja-Yu intervening to halt Chae-Woon’s aggressive pursuit of the truth when questioning the captured Hae Dun.

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