Blood Free Episode 8 Recap and Review

Blood Free episode 8 opens with Jung Hae-Dun engaged in espionage, sending confidential information about the biotechnology lab to Dorson President Seonu-Gun. Her actions deepen as she manipulates Kim Sin-Gu into joining a support group. She also orchestrates an accident that intensifies the scrutiny on Ja-Yu and BF Group.

Confrontations and Confessions

Ja-Yu confronts Woo Chae-Woon about his true intentions for joining BF Group. She suspects him of collaborating with Prime Minister Seonu-Jae to undermine the company.

Chae-Woon denies these accusations and vows to find Park Sang-Min, the murderer of fellow bodyguard Ho-Seung. Despite his denials, Ja-Yu dismisses him from his position.

Experiments and Discoveries

On San and Seo Hui experiment to study Hae-Dun’s brain waves, uncovering her involvement in orchestrating a protestor’s fatal fall. This revelation leads Ja-Yu to accuse Hae-Dun of betrayal and to confine her until she confesses her connections with the Seonu family.

Political Manipulations

Prime Minister Seonu-Jae calls for an investigation into BF Group, accusing Ja-Yu of monopolistic practices and indifference to public health. Meanwhile, Ja-Yu reflects on her past and the sacrifices made by her team, including the late Ho-Seung, whose dedication to BF Group was profound.

At Ho-Seung’s funeral, Chae-Woon shares insights into Kim Sin-Gu’s brainwashing and suspicious activities with Sang-Min, hinting at deeper conspiracies within the support group they attended.

Tactics and Trials

Ja-Yu devises a plan to counteract external takeover attempts by appealing directly to stakeholders with a strategic M&A proposal.

She also launches a bold initiative using AI to recruit terminally ill patients as test subjects for BF’s organoid project, positioning herself as the first test subject to gain public trust.

Internal Conflicts

The Prime Minister publicly criticizes Ja-Yu’s actions as self-serving, causing a split in public opinion. On San confronts Ja-Yu over her drastic strategies, reflecting internal tensions within BF Group.

A Search for Truth

Chae-Woon continues his quest to uncover the truth behind the Azoran terror attack, meeting with former President Lee Mun-Gyu’s daughter and confronting Seonu-Gun and Woo-Jae about their potential involvement.

Episode 8 of Blood Free concludes with Chae-Woon confirming that Ja-Yu was not behind the Azoran attack. His meeting with Seonu-Gun’s ex-wife opens new avenues for understanding the complex web of intrigue surrounding BF Group.

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