TXT World Tour Tickets Hit Over USD1 Million on Resale Platforms

K-Pop fans were stunned when tickets for TXT’s world tour appeared on resale platforms with shockingly high price tags. Some tickets were listed for over USD1 million each. The group’s third world tour, ACT: PROMISE, started in Seoul on May 3, with stops in major cities like Washington’s Capital One Arena on June 8.

Originally, tickets cost up to a few hundred dollars. However, two tickets were listed for over a million dollars each, totalling over USD2.6 million with taxes and fees.

Humour and Frustration Over Inflated Prices

Fans reacted to the exorbitant prices with a mix of humour and frustration. On social media, they expressed their dismay while also cracking jokes about the ludicrous prices.

The reaction highlighted the broader dissatisfaction with the current state of ticket resales, which often prevents genuine fans from attending live events.

K-Pop Concerts Face Escalating Resale Issues

The “million-dollar” incident isn’t the first time K-Pop fans have faced inflated concert prices. Ticket scalping has long been a problem in the entertainment industry, particularly in the K-Pop scene.

The issue often leads to legislative attempts to curb these practices. However, as demonstrated by the recent TXT ticket prices, effective solutions are still needed to protect fans from predatory pricing and make live entertainment accessible to all.

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