ADOR’s Strategic Moves Amidst Legal Battle with HYBE

ADOR is preparing for a crucial board of directors meeting set for May 10 in Seoul, amidst ongoing legal disputes with parent company HYBE. The meeting will include key figures such as CEO Min Hee-Jin, Vice President Shin, and Creative Director Kim.

This decision follows last week’s reports that Min Hee-Jin had rejected HYBE’s request for a board meeting intended to remove her and her directors from ADOR. Min argued that the request lacked legal grounding.

Additionally, ADOR plans to hold a general shareholders’ meeting by the end of May, as confirmed by the label’s legal representatives.

Netizens Rally Behind Min Hee-Jin as Underdog

Amidst the legal battles, public opinion heavily favours Min Hee-Jin, viewing her as the underdog in the dispute with HYBE. The ongoing legal proceedings and corporate decisions have sparked significant interest and support for Min from the online community, reflecting the contentious nature of the conflict.

Police Promise Accelerated Efforts to Resolve HYBE’s Complaints

On the legal front, the Seoul Police Chief, Cho Ji-Ho, has promised to expedite the investigation into the allegations against Min Hee-Jin, brought forth by HYBE.

Speaking at a press conference, Cho emphasized the public interest in the case and committed to speeding up the investigative process. He noted that while no significant findings have emerged yet, the police are thoroughly examining the records to uncover essential details.

HYBE has sued Min Hee-Jin and other ADOR executives for breach of trust, an accusation Min Hee-Jin strongly refuted during a press conference that significantly influenced public opinion.

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