NEWJEANS’ Hyein on hiatus after foot injury, fans wish her well

NEWJEANS fans, brace yourselves for some unfortunate news. It has been revealed that Hyein will be taking a temporary break from promotions due to a foot injury.

NEWJEANS’ agency ADOR released a statement earlier today detailing the situation. According to the statement, Hyein experienced pain in her foot during practice last month. A subsequent visit to the hospital revealed a microfracture, a small crack in the bone.

The agency has “prioritized Hyein’s health and recovery”. Medical professionals advised her to minimize movement that could put strain on the injured area. This means Hyein will be unable to participate in promotional activities for the group’s upcoming double single release, How Sweet.

While fans will miss seeing Hyein perform alongside her groupmates, ADOR assures everyone that she will continue to participate in scheduled activities “in a flexible manner” when her condition allows. This may include appearances that don’t require strenuous activity.

Hyein to miss NEWJEANS’ How Sweet release

Hyein’s absence comes at a busy time for NewJeans. The upcoming release of How Sweet on May 24 has generated significant excitement among fans. The MV for the first single from the release, Bubble Gum dropped last week, and has become a runaway success. Despite her temporary hiatus, Hyein is expected to rejoin group activities once she recovers fully.

Fans are hoping that Hyein will have fully recovered by the time NEWJEANS is set to make their Japanese debut with another double single on June 21. According to reports, the release consists of four tracks, including the title track Supernatural and two instrumental versions.

ADOR expressed gratitude to fans for their understanding and requested continued support for NEWJEANS during this time. Fans have taken to social media to send well wishes to Hyein, flooding platforms with messages expressing concern and wishing her a speedy recovery.

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