Blood Free Episode 10 Recap and Review

The climax of Blood Free begins with a decisive confrontation between Prime Minister Seonu-Jae and BF Group CEO Yoon Ja-Yu. Seonu-Jae, driven by a vendetta against his father, DORSON Chairman Seonu-Geun, initiates a search and seizure of BF Group.

Simultaneously, Ja-Yu’s hunt for the elusive killer, Park Sang-Min, leads her into a trap set by Seonu-Geun.

Strategic Confrontations

Chae-Woon returns from Dubai armed with critical information about terrorist Kir, determined to defend Ja-Yu. His timing is crucial as he confronts an array of threats orchestrated by Seonu-Geun and his allies.

Amidst these tense developments, Ja-Yu attempts to outmanoeuvre her adversaries by arranging a meeting with killer Sang-Min.

Ambush and Rescue

The meeting turns into an ambush, with Ja-Yu and Sang-Min both sustaining grave injuries. In a dramatic turn, they are pursued by Seonu-Geun’s henchmen, leading to a high-stakes chase that culminates with both Ja-Yu and Sang-Min critically injured and requires immediate medical attention.

Surgical Emergencies

As Ja-Yu undergoes an emergency operation to replace her organs with cultured alternatives, Seonu-Jae’s forces breach BF Group’s defences. The Prime Minister’s aides hack the company’s systems, undermining the security protocols and gaining access to the lab where Ja-Yu is being treated.

A Heroic Last Stand

In the lab, Chae-Woon makes a valiant stand against the armed intruders. Despite multiple injuries, he manages to hold them off but realizes the gravity of the situation when additional foes force their way into the operating area, jeopardizing the ongoing surgery.

Political Manipulations and Family Betrayal

In the aftermath of the violence … Whispers also reached Prime Minister Seonu-Jae that his father, the DARSON Chairman, framed an innocent person. Defending his father’s integrity, he urged citizens to question the accusations and expressed unwavering faith in his father.

However, a leaked recording exposed the Chairman’s dark side. It revealed a conversation between him and Jung Hae-Dun, proving his involvement. While Seonu-Jae’s trust in his father initially painted him as the victim, the recording shifted the narrative.

Seonu-Geun was apprehended for his plot against BF Group. In the wake of these revelations, Seonu-Jae resigned as Prime Minister. He assumed the chairmanship of DARSON and made his father the fall guy for all the crimes.

A Cliffhanger Ending

The episode concludes with Ja-Yu and Chae-Woon’s fates hanging in the balance. While Ja-Yu’s voice suggests her survival, the exact state of Chae-Woon remains uncertain until he awakens in the BF lab, hinting at successful but incomplete treatments.

Oppa’s Thoughts

As the episode ends, questions about the future of BF Group, the roles of Ja-Yu and Chae-Woon, and the impact of Seonu-Jae’s new leadership at DORSON linger, setting the stage for the potential continuation of the series.

Overall, the ending seemed unsatisfactory to me. Not because it failed to deliver excellent entertainment but the complete opposite. It was so good the viewer wanted more! It remains to be seen if Disney+ will greenlight another season for Blood Free but it would be a shame if they just left this wonderful series hanging.

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