Blood Free Episode 9 Recap and Review

As we head into the final two episodes … Blood Free sets itself apart as a trailblazer, defying conventions and delivering an exhilarating viewing experience. Let’s dive into our Episode 9 Recap and Review.

Revelations from the Past

The episode opens with Chae-Woon meeting with Seonu-Jae’s mother, who discloses crucial information about her ex-husband, DORSON Chairman Seonu-Geun.

She reveals that Seonu-Geun had accessed details about the explosive materials used in the Azoran bomb blast before the event. This implicates him as the mastermind.

Although she asserts that her son, Seonu-Jae, was aware of his father’s actions, she maintains his innocence.

Political Intrigue and Familial Ties

Seonu-Jae sees an opportunity in his mother’s revelations to exact revenge on his father for orchestrating the bomb blast that targeted his grandfather, former President Lee Mun-Gyu.

By implicating his father, Seonu-Jae aims to avenge his grandfather’s harm and maneuver himself into a position to take over BF Group.

Deteriorating Health and Dark Discoveries

As news of Seonu-Geun’s involvement spreads, Lee Mun-Gyu’s health worsens dramatically. Meanwhile, On San investigates the death of a farmer who was manipulated into jumping onto Ja-Yu’s car.

He uncovers that killer Park Sang-Min, disguised as a pastor, influenced the farmer’s tragic decision.

Prison Visit and Shocking Confessions

Chae-Woon visits a man in prison wrongly accused of the terror attack, who reveals his familial connection to terrorist Kir and implicates others in the planning of the bomb blast.

Chae-Woon promises to keep the information confidential until given permission to release it.

Escapes and Pursuits

Back at BF Group, Jung Hae-Dun attempts to flee after sensing a threat to her life but is injured during her escape. On San later exposes to the media that Ja-Yu has no intentions of experimenting on herself but aims to benefit people with her research.

Deeper Plots

On San informs Ja-Yu about Sang-Min’s multiple disguises and real identity, Ji Sun-Won, which led to multiple deaths.

Chae-Woon further exposes that Seonu-Jae strategically placed him within BF Group to uncover proof against Seonu-Geun, confirming that the younger Seonu orchestrated much of the intrigue.

At DORSON, Seonu-Jae strikes a deal with his father to obtain samples from Ja-Yu’s lab, promising that DORSON would replicate the cultured organs.

Ja-Yu, suspicious of her sudden invitation to meet Seonu-Geun, resolves to uncover the connections between DORSON’s plans and the events at BF Group.

A Mission Set in Motion

As the episode closes, Chae-Woon departs for Dubai to find terrorist Kir, while Ja-Yu prepares for a potential transplant operation by gathering top doctors. Despite the risks, she is determined to proceed with her groundbreaking project.

Meanwhile, Seonu-Jae’s aides hack into BF Group, and he orders a search and seizure to confiscate their technology, escalating the conflict to new heights.

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