ADOR Accuses HYBE of Harassment During Audit

On May 10, ADOR’s legal team accused HYBE of following an ADOR female employee home and demanding she hand over personal items like her notebook and cell phone. This incident allegedly occurred after HYBE’s audit team started auditing ADOR’s style director at 7 PM the previous day.

The auditors reportedly followed her home, threatened her with police action, and claimed they had evidence of embezzlement. ADOR condemned HYBE’s tactics as illegal, involving threats, privacy violations, and obstruction. They hinted that HYBE might use this incident for media manipulation, stressing the emotional impact on the employee, who suffered from anxiety due to the pressure.

HYBE’s Claims of Embezzlement Questioned

Simultaneously, HYBE faced backlash after releasing text messages they claimed proved that Min Hee-Jin had embezzled company funds. The messages discussed adjusting bonus payments for their stylist due to a flaw in ADOR’s system.

Netizens ridiculed the evidence as inconsequential, arguing that the correction of an overpayment is not embezzlement but a rectification of payroll errors.

ADOR is considering taking legal action to protect its employees and the company’s integrity. The public and ADOR’s lawyers have voiced strong objections to HYBE’s actions, pointing out the lack of actual embezzlement evidence and criticizing the methods used during the audit.

This dispute highlights ongoing issues within corporate governance in the K-Pop industry, drawing significant attention from fans and media alike.

This series of contentious events between ADOR and HYBE is set to escalate in the coming weeks.

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