Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8 Recap and Review

* This review contains minor spoilers for episode 8 of Chief Detective 1958.

Chief Detective 1958 is set in post-war Korea, a period ripe with social change and unrest. The series follows the journey of a young detective in Seoul as he navigates the dangerous underbelly of a city grappling with rapid modernization and political turmoil. With a blend of historical richness and mystery, the show delves into intriguing criminal cases that reflect the societal issues of the 1950s. Each episode is intricately woven with suspense, drama, and a touch of period-authentic charm.

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In this episode, our team of detectives splits up to investigate two crimes. We first see a group of youths attack several men around town with wooden clubs. After subduing their victims, they steal their cash and belongings.

We then cut to Detective Park Young-Han (Lee Je-Hoon) and his wife Hye-Ju (Seo Eun-Soo). The two discuss their marriage and the fact that they have not yet conceived children. Park assures Hye-Ju that a child is not necessary for their happiness. He later talks to his boss, Chief Yu Dae-Cheon (Choi Deok-Moon), and shares his fears about bringing a child into this ‘dangerous’ world.

Later, the team learn of the attacks around town, and get called out to a murder scene. They decide to split up, with Park and Seo Ho-Jeong (Yoon Hyun-Soo) investigating the murder, while Kim Sang-Sun (Lee Dong-Hwi) and Jo Gyeong-Hwan (Choi Woo-Sung) hunt down the robbers.

False starts and alibis

Park and Seo head to the house of a woman who was stabbed in her sleep. They meet her sickly teenage son Man-Soo, who appears heartbroken by her death. They later learn that her late husband left her a valuable piece of land, and that she had a secret boyfriend. Man-Soo recalls overhearing a fight between his mother and her boyfriend over the land.

Park and Seo investigate the boyfriend’s home, and discover a bloodstained shirt, as well as shoes that match footprints found near the murder scene. They then arrest the boyfriend on suspicion of murder, but are forced to let him go when he manages to prove his alibi.

Meanwhile, Kim and Jo are having trouble locating the robbers. They later have an altercation with several recruiters from the government-backed Gosan Pioneer Corps, and realize that the men are carrying wooden clubs similar to the robbers. They arrest the recruiters, but are unable to prove they are involved in the attacks.

Finding the real culprits

Park eventually realizes that the real killer is Man-Soo. The teenager killed his mother and attempted to frame her boyfriend, in order to inherit the land. He also killed his father after the man refused to give the land to Man-Soo. Park and Seo confront him with the evidence and he gleefully admits to everything, gloating that he will never serve time, as he is a juvenile offender.

The two detectives release Man-Soo and escort him home. Park suddenly pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot the teen. Man-Soo is terrified and pleads for his life. Park then reveals a secret that Man-Soo’s mother kept from him: he is actually one year older than he thinks he is, and therefore will not be tried as a juvenile. They then arrest him for the murders.

On the other side of town, Kim and Jo arrange a sting operation and catch the young robbers in the act. They discover the robbers are teenage orphans who were recruited by the Gosan Pioneer Corps. The teens say they were beaten and starved by the Corps recruiters, and escaped with their weapons. With no other options, they were forced into a life of crime to survive.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8

A bittersweet ending

The detectives are moved by the story of the young robbers, and raid the Gosan Pioneer Corps headquarters. They beat up the recruiters and threaten to return if they continue abusing those under them.

Later, Park discusses his cases with Hye-Ju, and she suddenly reveals that she is pregnant, much to his delight. They both promise to help their child make it through ‘the dangerous world’.

We also get a minor plot detailing a schism between Commissioner Baek (Kim Min-Jae) and his former boss Choi. Seemingly fed up with constantly taking orders from Choi, Baek arranges for him to get arrested on charges of corruption.

What we thought of Chief Detective 1958 Episode 8

This episode deals with two cases involving teenagers, with vastly different results. While the detectives were able to get justice in the case of the heartless Man-Soo, the group of young robbers were victims themselves. The detectives decide to ask for leniency in their case, as they have a chance at reforming.

The scenes between Detective Park and Hye-Ju were also quite sweet, albeit brief. We got to see their fears and vulnerabilities, and shared in their joy when she revealed her pregnancy. Of course, it’s not entirely a surprise, as we know Park has a grandson in the future, but it was still heartwarming to know that Park would love her no matter what.

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