Netizens Accuse ILLIT’s Promotional Team of Copying NEWJEANS

Netizens have recently spotlighted that ILLIT’s promotional team may have closely mimicked the YouTube formatting used by NEWJEANS. This observation adds to ongoing comparisons between the two groups, with some fans previously labelling ILLIT as “NEWJEANS 2.0.”

The specific format includes listing the producer and music video director first, followed by copyright information and social media links. NEWJEANS has consistently used this style since their debut.

Netizens Compare ILLIT and NEWJEANS

The controversy intensified when ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin pointed out similarities in promotional strategies amid her public dispute with HYBE.

Comparisons of video descriptions across other HYBE artists like ENHYPEN, who have a different format that lists all contributors, have fueled the debate. This has led to scrutiny over whether ILLIT’s team is using NEWJEANS’ successful promotional formula as a blueprint.

Fans Call Out ILLIT for Lack of Originality

On social media, fans expressed their discontent with ILLIT’s approach, criticizing the promotional team for what they see as blatant copying. The frustration is evident in posts and comments where fans demand more originality from new K-Pop groups.

One netizen’s post comparing the YouTube descriptions of ILLIT and NEWJEANS vividly illustrates the similarities, sparking widespread discussion online.

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