NEWJEANS’ Parents Accuse Bang Si-Hyuk of Ignoring Members

The parents of NEWJEANS members have made serious allegations against HYBE’s Bang Si-Hyuk, as reported by Ilgan Sports. They claim Bang Si-Hyuk consistently ignored members’ greetings, a basic courtesy, which they perceived as deliberate neglect.

The parents and legal representatives detailed these allegations in an email and sent it to HYBE. They expressed their dismay over the repeated incidents where Bang allegedly pretended not to see or recognize the members in the company building.

Parents Criticize Similarities Between NEWJEANS and ILLIT

The parents also pointed out similarities in the concept, photography, styling, choreography, and MV aesthetics between NEWJEANS and ILLIT.

They expressed frustration over what they perceive as HYBE’s strategy to replicate NEWJEANS’ successful aesthetic for ILLIT … Which debuted just 20 months after NEWJEANS. The parents questioned the intentions of Belift Lab, HYBE’s subsidiary … Accusing them of not checking their content thoroughly and even mocking NEWJEANS, thereby undermining the group’s brand value.

Parents Demand Basic Manners and Brand Protection for NEWJEANS

The parents emphasized that acknowledging greetings is a matter of basic respect and expressed their disappointment in Bang Si-Hyuk’s behaviour, which they felt was dismissive and disrespectful.

Parents recounted situations where their children were blatantly ignored by Bang. This caused them to feel humiliated. These incidents even occurred in confined spaces like elevators. This alleged behaviour has led to significant distress among the members, who are still in their teenage years. ADOR, which manages the K-Pop girl group NEWJEANS, confirmed with Joy News24 that they had sent emails to HYBE detailing the alleged incidents.

As this controversy unfolds, NEWJEANS continues their promotional activities, with an upcoming appearance on KBS’s 2 Days & 1 Night. Amidst the turmoil, ADOR plans to hold another meeting on May 31 to discuss further actions.

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