NEWJEANS’ Directors Highlight Choreography Theft by ILLIT

In the ongoing controversy surrounding the originality of K-Pop group ILLIT … NEWJEANS’ performance directors have publicly accused the group of plagiarizing choreography.

This accusation has intensified the ongoing dispute between ADOR and HYBE over artist promotion and creative direction.

Performance Directors Voice Frustration on Social Media

Kim Eun-Ju, one of NEWJEANS’ performance directors, expressed her frustration on Instagram about the similarities between NEWJEANS’ and ILLIT’s choreography. She highlighted the blatant similarities in commercial advertisements between the two groups.

She noted the unmodified direct copy in the choreography as more than a coincidence, criticizing it as discourteous.

Similarly, BLACK.Q, another director for NEWJEANS … Shared his disbelief on Instagram, stating his shock at the extent of the choreography copying. He noted that it was especially shocking since this was not the first of such allegations.

Accusations of Imitation Persist

The allegations against ILLIT extend beyond a single incident. The performance directors highlighted that ILLIT has faced continuous accusations of copying choreographies from NEWJEANS’ hits such as Cookie, Hype Boy, and Super Shy.

This pattern has led to a broader discussion about the lack of originality and respect for intellectual property within the industry.

The directors’ public statements reflect a tipping point in their patience, as they advocate for recognition and respect for their creative efforts.

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