BTS’s Dynamite to Feature in Bridgerton Season 3

Netflix has officially announced that BTS’s chart-topping track Dynamite will be featured in the upcoming Season 3 of Bridgerton. This decision was shared on Netflix’s X account at 1 AM KST on May 14, exciting many fans of the series and the K-Pop group. However, the selection has sparked a debate among the BTS fandom.

While Dynamite is celebrated globally for its upbeat and infectious energy, a segment of fans expressed disappointment, advocating for Black Swan as a more thematic fit given its deeper emotional resonance and alignment with the dramatic undertones of Bridgerton.

Netflix’s Repeated Selection of Dynamite Raises Questions

The choice of Dynamite for Bridgerton marks another instance of Netflix opting for this particular BTS song, having previously used it in another popular series, Emily in Paris.

This repetition has led some fans to question whether Netflix is fully aware of BTS’s diverse discography, which includes tracks with a variety of themes and tones that could potentially enhance the narrative depth of its series.

Calls for Black Swan Ignored in Favor of Pop Hit

In 2022, the Vitamin String Quartet, known for their orchestral covers of pop songs and set to feature in Bridgerton, conducted an informal poll asking fans which BTS song they would prefer for Season 3.

The majority voiced support for Black Swan, citing its artistic depth and suitability for the series’ atmospheric setting. Despite this, Netflix chose Dynamite, leading to discussions among fans about the potential missed opportunity to showcase a different facet of BTS’s musical capabilities.

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