Min Hee Jin vs. HYBE Court case: Day 1

On May 17, Seoul’s Central District Court hosted the first hearing in Min Hee-Jin’s injunction case against HYBE.

The ADOR CEO filed the injunction after HYBE requested her resignation. During the hearing, HYBE made several shocking allegations against Min Hee-Jin.

HYBE Accuses Min Hee-Jin of Manipulation and Shamanism

HYBE claimed Min Hee-Jin manipulated NEWJEANS members, portraying a false motherly figure, and allegedly gaslighted the members to be submissive.

HYBE also accused Min Hee-Jin of relying excessively on a shaman for decision-making, asserting that the debut of NEWJEANS was influenced by shamanic consultations rather than company strategy.

However, HYBE failed to provide concrete evidence to support these claims, and ADOR vehemently rejected them.

Judge Scolds HYBE for Lack of Evidence

The courtroom drama intensified when the judge admonished HYBE for presenting unsupported claims. When HYBE alleged that Min Hee-Jin had plotted to take over the company by meeting with external investors, the judge instructed them to focus on legal facts.

HYBE’s lawyers cited a lack of legal precedent for some of their claims, leading to further scrutiny from the judge. Additionally, HYBE accused Min Hee-Jin of attempting to terminate NEWJEANS’ exclusive contract with ADOR, which was part of their broader takeover allegations.

Damning Accusations: HYBE’s Immoral Practices

Min Hee-Jin countered with her own explosive claims. She alleged that HYBE suggested bulk-buying NEWJEANS’ albums to manipulate chart positions, a tactic she refused. Min Hee-Jin’s refusal reportedly sparked conflict with HYBE.

Her legal team accused HYBE of failing to uphold social responsibility and engaging in immoral actions that harmed NEWJEANS. HYBE responded by releasing a previous email in which they denied participating in bulk-buying practices and asked Min Hee-Jin to refrain from making unfounded accusations.

Favoritism and Sponsorship Controversies

Further accusations emerged, with ADOR claiming that HYBE favoured other groups, such as LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT, over NEWJEANS. They provided examples, including ILLIT’s upcoming appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros coinciding with NEWJEANS’ album release.

ADOR also revealed that HYBE tried to sabotage a sponsorship deal between NEWJEANS and a luxury brand by favouring another group. These actions allegedly caused friction and distrust within the company.

Who Is NEWJEANS Supporting?

In court, ADOR revealed that NEWJEANS members expressed their desire to stay with Min Hee-Jin. The members reportedly fear the long hiatus planned by HYBE, preferring to continue their work under Min Hee-Jin’s leadership.

Stay tuned for further updates on this unfolding drama.

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