NEWJEANS show support for Min Hee-Jin in HYBE-ADOR battle

The K-pop world is abuzz as the legal battle between HYBE and ADOR continues. The latest development in this ongoing saga involves NEWJEANS taking a stand in support of their CEO, Min Hee-Jin.

According to reports, HYBE filed a provisional injunction against Min, who is fighting HYBE’s attempts to remove her as ADOR’s CEO. The injunction is to prevent the civil court from taking away HYBE’s voting rights at the next ADOR shareholder meeting on May 31.

The exact reasons behind HYBE’s injunction against Min Hee-Jin are unclear. Some speculate it might be connected to the ongoing transfer of artists from HYBE to ADOR.

NEWJEANS send their support

In response, the members of NEWJEANS have filed petition letters to the court, voicing their support for their CEO and agency. This unexpected move by NEWJEANS has sent shockwaves through the K-pop industry.

NEWJEANS became ADOR’s first major artist group following their debut in July 2023. They garnered immense popularity with their hit songs Attention and Hype Boy, quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Their decision to wade into this legal battle is a bold one, showcasing their loyalty to Min and her vision. On May 17, the parents of NEWJEANS members also sent in petitions of support for Min Hee-Jin.


Min Hee-Jin was formerly a creative director at SM Entertainment, and played a pivotal role in the development of several successful K-pop groups. She joined HYBE in 2019 and helped established ADOR, which is a subsidiary label under HYBE Labels.

The rift between began in late April, with HYBE moving to have Min removed as ADOR CEO. Min hit back with her own accusations of plagiarism, citing similarities between HYBE’s latest girl group ILLIT, and NEWJEANS.

HYBE and ADOR are major players in the K-pop industry, and this legal battle is likely to have significant ramifications. NEWJEANS’ public display of support for Min Hee-Jin adds another layer of intrigue to this developing story.

Fans are eagerly awaiting further details on the nature of the injunction and how this situation will unfold. One thing is certain: the K-pop world is watching closely.

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