Chief Detective 1958 Episode 9 Recap and Review

* This review contains minor spoilers for episode 9 of Chief Detective 1958.

Chief Detective 1958 is set in post-war Korea, a period ripe with social change and unrest. The series follows the journey of a young detective in Seoul as he navigates the dangerous underbelly of a city grappling with rapid modernization and political turmoil. With a blend of historical richness and mystery, the show delves into intriguing criminal cases that reflect the societal issues of the 1950s. Each episode is intricately woven with suspense, drama, and a touch of period-authentic charm.

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Chief Detective 1958 begins its penultimate episode with a missing persons case. Officer Nan-Sil (Jeong Soo-Bin) informs Team One that young girls from the local factory have been going missing. The latest to disappear is her friend Soo-Jung.

Everyone thinks the girls ran away. Team One learns that the factory owner comes by once a month to ‘select’ one of the factory girls, who later goes missing. They immediately arrest the factory owner as a suspect.

The owner turns out to be part of an elite group of youths known as the ‘four scions of Jongnam’. Commissioner Baek (Kim Min-Jae) immediately orders Detective Park Young-Han (Lee Je-Hoon) to release him, and warns Team One to stay away from the case. However, the team decides to continue investigating.

Secrets and Lies

Soo-Jung’s body is soon discovered at the foot of a cliff. An autopsy reveals that she was assaulted, drugged and strangled. Park suspects the four scions are involved in her death, after noticing scratches on the neck of one of the youths. Team One begins tailing the suspects, hoping to find more evidence.

We soon learn that the four scions regularly abuse women, and chose the factory girls as they were easy targets. It turns out only one of them, named Jung Hee-Sung, actually killed Soo-Jung, with the others acting as accomplices. The repeated questioning by Team One eventually causes a rift between the friends.

Realizing that the others may reveal his secret, Jung Hee-Sung arranges for a truck to strike the car carrying his three friends. Two of them are instantly killed, leaving the third, Nam Jung-Gil, critically injured.

Chief Detective 1958 Episode 9

Baek bites back

Park and the team realize that the Jung Hee-Sung is covering his tracks. They head to the hospital to check on the survivor and run into Hee-Sung. Detective Park indicates that they know he is responsible for Soo-Jung’s death, which leaves him terrified.

Hee-Sung calls on Commissioner Baek to help him cover up the crime. Baek does so, but only after threatening the youth and reminding him of who is really in charge.

Team One realizes that Baek is also an accomplice to the crime. They also guess that Hee-Sung will try to kill Jung-Gil, in order to eliminate all possibly threats. They immediately rush to the hospital to save him.

Detective Park heads to the roof to sneak into Jung-Gil’s hospital room. Jo Gyeong-Hwan (Choi Woo-Sung) tries to lower him down the side of the building using a cloth rope. At that moment, Hee-Sung shows up and attempts to suffocate Jung-Gil. Before Park can enter the room, the cloth rope snaps, and Park appears to plummet to the ground.

What we thought of Chief Detective 1958 Episode 9

This episode takes viewers back to the core of what makes Detective Park such a compelling character: he is a champion of the ordinary people. Through this one case, we begin to see all the threads that have developed in previous episodes slowly come together.

We have Team One continuing to stand up for the marginalized female factory workers, and go up against the wealthy elites who think that the rules don’t apply to them. The scenes with the four arrogant scions make our blood boil, and we can’t help but cheer for Team One to take them down.

We also see Commissioner Baek slowly flex his power and take a more proactive role in trying to stop Team One. Will they be able to take him down as well? We certainly hope so!

Chief Detective 1958 is on Disney+ Hotstar.

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