K-Pop News 190524: Min Hee-Jin vs HYBE updates

As the legal battle between ADOR’s Min Hee-Jin and HYBE continues … The K-Pop industry and NEWJEANS fans worldwide closely watch this high-stakes dispute. Here is the latest news in this unfolding drama.

Attorney Kang Jin-Seok Joins NEWJEANS Parents in HYBE Dispute

The parents of NEWJEANS have appointed entertainment dispute specialist attorney Kang Jin-Seok. Known for handling exclusive contract disputes, Kang Jin-Seok will review contracts, advise on terminations, and litigate damages for breaches.

The girl group’s parents have submitted a petition through attorney Kang, expressing their desire to continue working with CEO Min. This move follows previous concerns raised by the parents about the similarities between NEWJEANS and HYBE’s other girl group, ILLIT.

Min Hee-Jin has engaged law firm Sejong to represent her in the dispute with HYBE. Industry observers suggest that NEWJEANS members might also dispute their exclusive contracts with HYBE.

HYBE and Min Hee-Jin Exchange Accusations

An emergency shareholders’ meeting by ADOR, aimed at potentially replacing Min Hee-Jin and other management figures, is scheduled for May 31. The court is expected to decide on the injunction before this meeting.

Meanwhile, Min Hee-Jin awaits the court’s decision and has released her first statement since the April 25 press conference. She challenges the legitimacy of HYBE’s claims and accuses them of complicating NEWJEANS’ situation.

Min Hee-Jin’s First Statement Since Press Conference

Following her April 25 press conference, Min Hee-Jin has addressed the accusations from HYBE for the first time. On May 19, she expressed her distress over the industry’s unrelenting issues, stating, “I have often wanted to leave this corrupt business; I have no desire to falsely present myself to those who do not know me.”

Min highlighted that HYBE has placed NEWJEANS in a difficult position and clarified that her meetings with Naver and Dunamu were purely social, unrelated to investment.

Refuting HYBE’s Claims

Min expressed astonishment at HYBE’s accusations, noting that her interaction with a Dunamu representative was minimal.

She criticized HYBE for dragging acquaintances into the complicated situation and questioned why HYBE would undergo an unnecessary audit that led to a stock price drop.

Min also responded to the release of KakaoTalk messages between her and ADOR executives, implying that these were taken out of context.

HYBE’s Response to Min Hee-Jin’s Statement

HYBE has responded to Min Hee-Jin’s statement, expressing regret over her behaviour and accusing her of obscuring the issue with emotional appeals.

HYBE’s statement claims they have evidence of Min Hee-Jin’s attempts to take over management rights, irrational shamanic management, and disparaging remarks about employees and artists. They assert that the data was obtained legally and submitted in its original form.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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