BELIFT LAB sues Min Hee-Jin for ILLIT plagiarism claims

The conflict between HYBE’s subsidiary BELIFT LAB and ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin has escalated, with BELIFT LAB filing a defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit responds to Min Hee Jin’s allegations that BELIFT LAB’s new girl group, ILLIT, plagiarized concepts from NEWJEANS.

BELIFT LAB refutes these claims, asserting that the accusations are baseless and harmful to their business and artists. They emphasize the need for legal procedures to resolve intellectual property disputes rather than public accusations.

Min Hee-Jin has maintained her stance, alleging that ILLIT’s concepts were copied from NEWJEANS. This conflict has attracted significant attention from the broader K-pop community, highlighting the challenges of managing intellectual property and creative rights in the competitive industry.

Reaction from Korean netizens

Korean netizens have reacted strongly to the legal action, with divided opinions on the legitimacy of the plagiarism claims and the impact on both companies. While some support Min Hee-Jin’s right to protect her group’s originality, others criticize the public nature of the dispute and call for a more professional resolution.

This legal battle underscores the complexities and high stakes involved in K-pop’s creative and business landscapes. As the case unfolds, it will likely set precedents for how similar disputes are handled in the future.

ILLIT wades into controversy?

The situation is also made more complicated by recent claims involving ILLIT. Previously, Korean netizens noticed that ILLIT’s official Twitter account was following a known anti-NEWJEANS account. Once the news became public, ILLIT’s account immediately unfollowed the anti-NEWJEANS account. At the time of writing, neither ILLIT nor BELIFT LAB has explained their reasons for following the account in the first place.

Some netizens speculated that ILLIT members themselves first followed the anti-NEWJEANS account, instead of BELIFT LAB staff members. This is because of reports that ILLIT members regularly use their official Twitter account.

Either way, these rumors have caused further backlash against both BELIFT LAB and ILLIT. This raises the stakes for both BELIFT LAB and ADOR in their ongoing legal battle, with industry observers watching the case intently.

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