Park Bo-Ram’s Cause of Sudden Death at 30 Unveiled

The cause of Park Bo-Ram’s sudden death has been revealed. On May 23, the Southern Namyangju Police Department announced that they suspected the 30-year-old singer died from acute alcohol poisoning. The findings from the autopsy were shared by the police department, confirming this suspicion.

Health Conditions: Underlying Liver Issues Revealed

The police stated that Park Bo-Ram had underlying health conditions related to her liver before the incident. Reports indicate that no other cause has been found, according to the release of the article.

Singer Was Out with Friends Before Tragic Death

Park Bo-Ram passed away last month. At the time of her death, the singer was out with two friends. They had shared one bottle of soju, which isn’t a relatively large amount. The sudden loss has left fans and the music industry in shock.

As the investigation concludes, the focus shifts to remembering Park Bo-Ram’s contributions to the music world and the impact of her untimely death on her fans and loved ones.

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