NEWJEANS goes viral for fan gifts ahead of How Sweet release

NEWJEANS is proving they’re not just about killer dance routines and addictive music – they’re also stealing hearts with their sweet interactions with fans! Their appearance on today’s Music Bank turned into a viral moment thanks to NEWJEANS’ thoughtful gesture towards their devoted fanbase.

The girls surprised their Music Bank audience with a showering of gifts. Fans received sunglasses, lunchboxes, and a delightful assortment of snacks, all handpicked by NEWJEANS themselves. Many of them immediately shared photos of their unexpected haul on social media, praising NEWJEANS’ unexpected generosity.

The heartwarming moment quickly snowballed into an online phenomenon. Overjoyed Bunnies documented their experiences with the gifts, raving about the thoughtfulness and genuine care behind each item.

NEWJEANS’ actions have left a lasting impression, not just on their fans, but on the entire K-Pop industry. Their genuine care for their supporters has set a new standard for fan-artist interactions.

NEWJEANS releases How Sweet MV

Just hours after the images went viral online, NEWJEANS released the MV for How Sweet, the title track off their first official comeback for 2024.

The MV for How Sweet was shot in Taiwan, and directed by legendary K-pop music video director Shin Hee-Won. The girls are hitchhiking and having fun, while showing off their unique hip-hop choreography. Fans praised the nostalgic look of the video, which captured the retro architecture of the city.

The release of How Sweet cements NEWJEANS status as a K-pop powerhouse with a fanbase built on love and mutual respect. Mark your calendars, Bunnies – the future of K-Pop is bright, and NEWJEANS is leading the charge!

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