YouTuber Reports Death Threat Following Bullying Allegations

A YouTuber who exposed past school bullying allegations against popular trot singer Kim Ho-Joong has received a death threat. On May 25th, the YouTube channel Caracula Media updated its community tab with a post revealing the threat.

“Last night, I received many DMs informing me of a post threatening to kill me. The tips turned out to be true,” the YouTuber stated.

“The post was taken down after other users reported it, but I can report it to the police thanks to your PDF screenshots.”

Police Involvement: Complaint to Be Filed with Authorities

The YouTuber plans to visit the police station on Monday morning to file a formal complaint along with evidence. He added, “I am flabbergasted at how far a distorted fan’s love can go.” The situation highlights fans’ extreme reactions and the allegations’ serious implications.

Kim Ho-Joong Arrested Amidst Ongoing Accusations

Previously, on May 23rd, the YouTuber released an interview with an alleged victim of Kim Ho-Joong’s school violence. Following this video update, a user on an anonymous fan community of Kim Ho-Joong claimed they were determined to kill Caracula.

Meanwhile, on May 24th, Kim Ho-Joong was arrested on charges of violating the Specific Crimes Act (hit-and-run causing injury, dangerous driving causing injury) and the Road Traffic Act (failure to take action after an accident), as well as aiding and abetting a fugitive.

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