K-Pop News 270524: RM, Lisa, AESPA and more

Dive into the latest revelations, exciting comebacks, and strategic manoeuvres in the K-pop world. From heartfelt confessions to captivating performances … Here’s everything you need to know in our K-Pop News roundup for May 27, 2024.

RM Shares Struggles of Leading BTS

RM, the leader of BTS, opened up about his intense struggles in a recent video on BANGTANTV, filmed six months ago. Discussing his second solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person, RM revealed the immense pressures he faced, admitting he almost “wanted to die” due to the overwhelming expectations.

He shared his burden of having to speak righteously and stand as a minority representative, despite feeling like “an insignificant 29-year-old Korean man.” This honest confession highlights the personal challenges behind the group’s global success.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Flaunts Stunning Figure in Monaco

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has shared photos on Instagram from her yacht trip in Monaco. Dressed in a gold-toned crop top and mini skirt, Lisa captivated fans with her stunning proportions and unique aura.

Recently, Lisa has been rumoured to be in a relationship with Frédéric Arnault, the son of LVMH’s head. Last year, she renewed her contract with YG Entertainment and launched her label, LLOUD, to continue her solo career.

AESPA Releases First Full-Length Album Armageddon Today

Today at 6 PM KST, AESPA will release their first full-length album, Armageddon, featuring 10 tracks, including the double title tracks Armageddon and Supernova. The music video for Armageddon will also be released on YouTube’s SMTOWN channel.

Pre-orders have already surpassed 1.02 million copies, marking AESPA’s fourth consecutive million-seller. The album encapsulates their unique concept and identity, blending hip-hop dance with a powerful performance. AESPA will also hold a Countdown Live event on YouTube, TikTok, and Weverse at 5 PM to connect with global fans.

H1-KEY Announces June 19 Comeback with New Album

H1-KEY is set to make a comeback on June 19 with a new album. Earlier this year, they captivated global listeners with project songs Thinkin’ About You and Deeper.

As ambassadors for the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, H1-KEY has been active in various meaningful fields. Their previous releases, including Rose Blossom and SEOUL, have received high praise and chart success. Fans are eagerly anticipating their new music and concept.

ADOR’s Min Hee-Jin and Vice President’s Texts Reveal Plans to Challenge HYBE’s Control

Min Hee-Jin, CEO of Ador, and Vice President Lee are at the centre of a dispute over control with HYBE, as revealed by text messages obtained by TVDaily.

The messages detail a complex strategy aimed at gaining independence from HYBE by leveraging public and media pressure, particularly around the timing of BTS members completing their military service.

Despite previous denials, Min was actively meeting with potential investors interested in NEWJEANS, under the condition that all members be separated from HYBE.

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