NEWJEANS Members Show Love for Hyein

Hyein shared a recent emotional experience with her fans. She recounted how she cried while watching NEWJEANS perform on Inkigayo from home. On an online forum, netizens discussed Hyein’s heartfelt conversation with her fans via messenger. She revealed, “I cried while watching the music program.”

This touching moment occurred during NEWJEANS’ interview on Inkigayo, when the four members were asked, “Which member was the sweetest today?”

All of them pointed to the camera and answered, “Hyein.”

The ‘Sweetest Member’ Cries Watching Inkigayo from Home

The members explained that Hyein was likely watching from home while sitting out the comeback activities due to her foot injury.

She had hugged each member before they left for Inkigayo that morning, and Minji shared that this was why Hyein deserved to be the sweetest member of the day. Surprised by this gesture, Hyein expressed her emotions to her fans: “I cried while watching the music program. Sob… my unnies… what is this. I am so touched… T_T They told me I was the sweetest…”

Recovery Update

In other news, netizens discussed a recently surfaced photo of Hyein on crutches. The NEWJEANS member is recovering from a microfracture injury on the top of her foot.

The injury occurred during practice. She is currently sitting out promotions to undergo steady treatment. In the circulating photo, Hyein is seen relying on crutches, surrounded by people. According to fan accounts, the photo was taken at Hyein’s church.

Fans have sent their best wishes to Hyein for a speedy recovery and commented on her adorable reaction to the other members’ sweet gesture on Inkigayo. The NEWJEANS community continues to support Hyein during her recovery period, eagerly anticipating her return to the stage.

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