New Evidence Emerges in Kim Ho-Joong’s Hit-and-Run Case

Fresh evidence has emerged in the ongoing investigation into trot singer Kim Ho-Joong’s suspected involvement in a drunken hit-and-run incident.

On May 28 KST, a recording of a phone call between Kim Ho-Joong and his manager was uncovered immediately after the accident.

Details of the Incident

Police obtained the recording during the analysis of the manager’s mobile phone. The transcript reveals Kim Ho-Joong urging his manager to “turn yourself in instead” following the accident. This recording, automatically captured by the manager’s phone, provides critical insight into Kim Ho-Joong’s immediate response and his attempt to divert responsibility.

The hit-and-run occurred on May 9 at around 11:40 PM KST in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Kim Ho-Joong allegedly crashed into a taxi and fled the scene, while his manager falsely surrendered to the police, raising suspicions of a coordinated effort to evade accountability.

Admission and Contradictions

Initially, Kim Ho-Joong denied involvement in drunk driving. However, ten days later, he admitted to the offence through his agency, Think Entertainment.

Investigations indicate he may have been driving under the influence, with witnesses reporting he consumed approximately three bottles of soju before driving.

Discrepancies in his account of alcohol consumption have further raised doubts. While he claimed to have consumed only ten glasses of soju, witnesses suggest a significantly higher intake.

The prosecution has sought an arrest warrant for Kim Ho-Joong on multiple charges, including causing injury by dangerous driving, causing death while fleeing the scene and aiding the escape of a criminal. The investigation continues as authorities piece together the events leading up to and following the incident.

This new evidence significantly impacts the case, revealing attempts to mislead law enforcement and highlighting the severity of the charges against Kim Ho-Joong.

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