NEWJEANS and AESPA’s Album Sales Spark Heated Fan Debate

NEWJEANS and AESPA, two of the most prominent fourth-generation girl groups, have recently released new albums, sparking intense discussions among netizens. NEWJEANS dropped their How Sweet EP on May 24, while AESPA released Armageddon on May 27. Both albums have been highly anticipated and appreciated for their unique sounds.

Sales Figures: Side-by-Side Comparison

With just a three-day gap between the releases, fans have begun comparing the sales numbers of the two albums. A viral post on the community site TheQoo presented the sales data: NEWJEANS sold nearly 845,000 copies in five days, while AESPA sold around 723,000 copies in just two days.

The Version Discrepancy

Despite both groups seeing a significant drop in sales compared to their previous releases, netizens noted a key difference in the number of album versions. NEWJEANS’ How Sweet came in nine versions—six standard and three Weverse versions.

In contrast, AESPA’s Armageddon offered 20 versions, each with unique perks. This sparked discussions about K-Pop companies’ marketing strategies to boost album sales, with many feeling that the excessive number of versions is unnecessary and environmentally harmful.

Shipping Delays Spark Controversy

Fans of NEWJEANS have accused HYBE of deliberately delaying the shipping of their albums to manipulate chart numbers. Despite the official release date being May 24, many fans reported that shipping labels for orders made through Weverse Shop had yet to be generated.

In contrast, fans who ordered through other retailers had already received their albums. This issue seemed to affect only domestic orders in South Korea, as Japanese Weverse consumers received their packages promptly. Fans, known as Bunnies, continue to call out HYBE, accusing them of sabotage.

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