NMIXX’s University Performance Was Staged, SQUA4D Confirms

Recently, NMIXX wowed the audience at the Shinhan University Festival with their impressive live vocals. When the backtrack unexpectedly stopped, the members looked shocked but quickly continued singing, showcasing their talent and professionalism. Fans praised the group for their ability to perform without a backtrack.

The Backtrack Incident Was Planned

However, the university council later revealed that the backtrack malfunction was staged. They posted that the supposed malfunction was pre-planned and agreed upon before the show. This revelation led to mixed reactions from netizens, who felt the performance was unnecessary given the group’s known live singing abilities.

JYP Entertainment’s Statement Fuels Controversy

On May 30, JYP Entertainment’s SQU4D released a statement addressing the allegations of faking NMIXX’s performance. The company admitted to staging the backtrack malfunction to hype the atmosphere, but stated that the NMIXX members were unaware of the plan.

SQU4D’s Apology and Fan Reactions

Hello, this is SQU4D.

To enhance the show’s atmosphere, we agreed with the university to stage a malfunction with the backtrack. However, to ensure a natural reaction, we did not inform the NMIXX members beforehand.

We apologize for any discomfort caused to guests and fans by this performance and will work to prevent such incidents in the future. Thank you to everyone who supported the group at the festival, and we apologize once again. — SQU4D”

The statement sparked further criticism. Many fans felt the explanation was implausible, while others believed the backlash was excessive.