HYBE Fires Min Hee-Jin’s Allies at ADOR, Appoints Its Own Execs

HYBE has officially dismissed two of ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin’s closest supporters, replacing them with three new directors from HYBE. At an extraordinary shareholders meeting held on May 31, Deputy CEO Shin and Director Kim, both close aides to Min Hee-Jin, were removed from their positions.

New Directors Appointed by HYBE

Three new appointees recommended by HYBE are replacing the dismissed directors: Chief Human Resources Officer Kim Ju-Young, Chief Strategy Officer Lee Jae-Seong, and Chief Financial Officer Lee Kyung-Jun.

This decision follows Min Hee-Jin’s recent court victory, which allowed her to retain her CEO position at ADOR.

Netizens React to HYBE’s Decision

The reaction from netizens has been overwhelmingly critical of HYBE. Many have started using the nickname “CHUYBE,” a combination of the Korean word for “pathetic” (Choohae) and HYBE.

Min Hee-Jin’s Response: A Second Press Conference

Min Hee-Jin has made a surprising announcement following the shareholder meeting. KBS News reported that she is planning a second press conference in light of ADOR’s executive changes.

HYBE’s Controversial Move

HYBE’s decision to fire two ADOR executives and replace them with three HYBE executives comes despite a court ruling forbidding them from using their voting rights during the shareholder meeting. This move has sparked immediate backlash.

Min Hee-Jin’s lawyers have warned that HYBE’s actions could lead to another legal battle.

“As there are no grounds for Min Hee-Jin’s termination, there are no grounds to dismiss the two ADOR executives. Therefore, if HYBE were to terminate them, this would mean HYBE has ignored the court’s ruling and has terminated them without just cause.”

— Min Hee-Jin’s lawyer, Sejong

Public Sentiment and Future Updates

Previously, Min Hee-Jin held a memorable press conference that exposed HYBE’s manipulation tactics, significantly swaying public opinion in her favour. The upcoming press conference is expected to address these recent developments and could further impact public sentiment.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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