Min Hee-Jin Calls for Reconciliation with HYBE

On May 31, Min Hee-Jin, CEO of ADOR, held a highly anticipated press conference following the recent extraordinary shareholder’s meeting. After feeling confident and relieved, Min began by expressing her gratitude to those who supported her through the tumultuous period.

She conveyed the emotional toll the accusations had taken on her and emphasized her commitment to ADOR and its vision for NEWJEANS.

“My heart feels light because I am here after winning my case,” Min opened. She thanked her supporters, especially those who reached out despite not knowing her personally. “It was some of the hardest days of my life,” she said tearfully, reflecting on the emotional challenges she faced.

Min Hee-jin Press conference

Min addressed the accusations of embezzlement that had been levelled against her, clarifying her roles within HYBE and ADOR.

She explained that her primary position as ADOR’s CEO sometimes conflicted with her duties as a subsidiary president under HYBE. “They accused ADOR of embezzlement, and I just went, how can it be embezzlement? I am here to fulfil my duties as CEO of ADOR,” she stated.

Min felt a significant burden lifted with the court ruling in her favour. “Because my name was cleared of the accusations, I do feel like a weight is off of me,” she said.

Commitment to NewJeans


Min emphasized her dedication to NEWJEANS, stating that her vision for the group was paramount. “Now that my name has been cleared, I have more room to make decisions, but what I wish for is to fulfil what I envisioned with the team NEWJEANS,” she explained.

She revealed plans for a June concert at the Tokyo Dome and a world tour next year, stressing that the recent conflict had disrupted these preparations.

Min asked for the opportunity to continue her work with NEWJEANS, expressing her desire to reset everything and focus on her role. She also touched upon the dismissal of two former ADOR board members, assuring they would continue contributing to the company.

Reconciliation and Future Plans

Min extended an olive branch to HYBE, suggesting a rational approach to resolving their issues. “I wasn’t the one who started this fight, but I am taking this opportunity to express my intention to remain at ADOR as CEO,” she said. Min emphasized the importance of mutual trust and cooperation for the benefit of both ADOR and HYBE.

Min’s lawyer, Timothy SK Lee, provided legal insights into the court’s ruling, explaining the implications for Min’s position as CEO. Despite the challenges, Min remains focused on her vision for ADOR and NEWJEANS, aiming for a future where the creative and management aspects of the company work in harmony.

Addressing the K-pop Industry

Min spoke candidly about the complexities of the entertainment industry, highlighting the importance of efficiently managing production and financial aspects. She recounted her experiences in producing music videos for NEWJEANS, emphasizing cost-effective strategies and creative solutions.

Regarding the allegations against her, Min reiterated her commitment to ADOR’s independence and her vision for NEWJEANS’ future. She expressed a desire for the K-pop industry to evolve, moving away from stagnation and embracing innovative approaches.

Closing Remarks

Min concluded the press conference by thanking the court and reiterating her hope for a positive resolution for NEWJEANS. She acknowledged the emotional and financial strain the conflict had placed on her and expressed a desire for peace and cooperation moving forward.

“Let’s just be efficient. Don’t use up our money on unnecessary stuff. HYBE must have spent money. The court has created a turning point. It’s all meaningless for this fight to go on and betrayal to go on,” she said, calling for a conclusion to the ongoing dispute and a focus on the future.

Min’s heartfelt and transparent address highlighted her resilience and dedication to her role, her team, and the broader K-pop industry.

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