HYBE Shoots Down Min Hee-Jin’s Reconciliation Proposal

A representative from HYBE has responded to ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin’s recent suggestion of reconciliation. During her press conference, Min Hee-Jin expressed her willingness to reconcile with HYBE amid their ongoing public dispute. However, it appears that HYBE does not share the same sentiment.

A HYBE representative addressed questions about reconciling with the current ADOR CEO, stating, “HYBE has no intention to compromise and intends to reach a conclusion through police investigations or related lawsuits.”

Min Hee-Jin’s press conference highlighted her desire to resolve the conflict and continue her work with NEWJEANS, focusing on the group’s future projects and the broader vision for ADOR. Despite her call for a rational and cooperative approach, HYBE’s response indicates that the dispute is far from over.

The ongoing conflict between ADOR and HYBE continues to draw attention within the K-pop industry, with both parties standing firm in their positions. The future of ADOR and NEWJEANS remains uncertain with HYBE threatening further legal proceedings.

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